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With Linksome, quickly create a professional mini-website for your #linkinbio and share all the content of all influencers, artists and celebrities through one convenient link.

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link in bio Influencer management
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link in bio Influencer management

Design your page in corporate identity or use handy templates ๐ŸŽจ

Easily customize unique landing pages with Linksome for your company or brand.


Utilize templates, backgrounds, custom colours and fonts that match your brand identity.

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Extend your online strategy

Go from one channel to multichannel in just a few clicks and link to all the content that matters to your audience. Whether it’s video content, products, collaborations or updates.


Through easy components & embed features, your Linksome page is always up to date and ready to use within a few clicks. Truly relevant and that’s exactly what social media demands.

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Manage multiple Linksome company profiles using one account

Easily navigate between profiles and manage multiple Linksome accounts within one online environment.


Add endless users like designers, online marketers or your client and work with your team on your own Linksome page.

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Analytics and retargeting

Linksome measures your traffic and collects it in clear statistics. This way you can see what Linksome is delivering on every device.


Add useful tracking codes & pixels from Google, TikTok & Facebook and collect valuable data for your retargeting campaigns with every click.


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